Although our pitchers have only three minutes to “wow” the land sharks as they compete for cash funding and resources during the event, they make a lasting impact on our sponsors and land shark judges, as well as the Kansas City community. View information about our Pure Pitch Rally alumni and utilize the contact information provided to learn more about where they are today.


Azella | David Roberson,

Azella is an automated platform built to simplify branding and the digital experience for independent financial advisors and their targeted customer base. Azella leverages technology to go to market in weeks with custom branding, a website and a marketing platform.

Crib Coaching
Crib Coaching | Jill Bertelsen,

Many parents struggle through the transition to parenthood, and they want information that is quick and practical. Crib Coaching is an app using artificial intelligence to gamify parental education. Daily information coupled with a game allows parents to build their confidence.

MD MatchUp
MD MatchUp | Bob Waddell,

Half of Americans focus on personality and relationship factors when searching for a new healthcare provider. MD MatchUp is a dating-app-like solution that works on any health network’s website or app, providing patients a curated list of compatible providers.

SeeInMe | Risa Stein,

An inability to connect with individuals experiencing communication challenges can be frustrating for the patient, their providers and their families. SeeInMe enables family members to share with caregivers a personality profile for loved ones of all ages and diagnoses.

Tenfold Security
Tenfold Security | Jon Broek,

Cybersecurity attacks are in the news every day, with cloud breaches now among the most devastating to companies. Tenfold Security addresses the growing security personnel deficit and closes the knowledge gap by offering automated cloud security services and software.

Veeper | Jordan Williams,

Veeper’s mission is to make the Internet free of universal promo codes. The Shopify app tracks each customer’s shopping habits to apply the optimum discount to increase sales. Each time a shopper adds an item to the cart, their discount increases.

Venboo | Juaquan Herron,

Venboo is a tech platform that strives to help small businesses easily search, locate and book events that match their needs, such as conventions, tradeshows and pop-up shops. It also tracks their expenses, helping vendors sell strategically at the events.

Vetelligence | Zachary Oshinbanjo,

Vetelligence uses data and artificial intelligence to help employers connect with the military community. The proprietary platform aims to place qualified candidates into employer-requested positions while facilitating a diverse hiring environment.


AgButler, Inc.
AgButler Inc. | Kevin Johansen,

The gig economy platform serves as a solution to a labor shortage in rural America. AgButler provides on-demand jobs, giving farmers and ranchers access to a high-quality labor force while boosting rural economies. AgButler enables agriculture productivity, one click at a time.

Air Traffic Awareness
Air Traffic Awareness | Tonderai Kambarami,

What started as a class project at the University of Missouri-Kansas City is now a startup providing solutions to enhance situation awareness for general aviation to increase in-flight safety. The team comprises a pilot, an aerospace engineer, a software developer, and a serial entrepreneur.

AWA Technology
AWA Technology | Austin Hausmann,

AWA’s technology streamlines processes and reduces cost in the automotive fluids industry by removing the need to transport water, minimizing end-use plastic waste, and significantly reducing storage time and shelf-life concerns. The team plans to disrupt a market with consumption estimated at 162+ million gallons in 2022.

Booth Browser
Booth Browser | Alan Harris,

The mobile app is designed to manage inventory and streamline transactions for vendors at sporting events, concerts and festivals. Booth Browser is an innovative solution to the COVID-19 pandemic for businesses, teams and artists, who can use it to connect with fans and generate sales.

Plasmonic Diagnostics LLC
Plasmonic Diagnostics LLC | Syed Barizuddin,

The startup’s cutting-edge platform technology, P-GRAT, enables faster, easier and less costly diagnoses for diseases such as tuberculosis and SARS-Cov-2 (COVID-19) through advanced single-molecule detection technology. The company has received federal funding and is collaborating with entities such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

PMI Rate Pro
PMI Rate Pro | Nomi Smith,

Current methods for quoting private mortgage insurance (PMI) are cumbersome, antiquated, and time-consuming. From this headache, PMI Rate Pro was born. This unique quoting tool allows loan officers to complete one short form and receive results from all national PMI providers in less than six seconds.

Relay Trade Solutions
Relay Trade Solutions | Delvin Higginson,

Bulk commodity trade processes are outdated and inefficient, creating unnecessary payment delays and overhead costs. Relay Trade Solutions’ collaborative supply chain platform connects shippers, carriers, origins, and destinations for seamless order to delivery, saving up to 50 percent on back-office costs.

SureShow Inc.
SureShow Inc. | Shelley Cooper,

About 25% of medical appointments result in no-shows, which represents $16 billion in lost revenue each year. The SureShow platform helps medical offices replace no-show appointments with revenue-generating telehealth visits, with a focus on populations that need greater access to care.



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Julia Luetje, Frito-Lay Dreamvention Grand Prize Winner 2018