Although our pitchers have only three minutes to “wow” the land sharks as they compete for cash funding and resources during the event, they make a lasting impact on our sponsors and land shark judges, as well as the Kansas City community. View information about our Pure Pitch Rally alumni and utilize the contact information provided to learn more about where they are today.


BestyBnB | Andy Bond,

Less than five percent of domestic violence shelters house companion animals, and abuse victims face the difficult decision to remain in an abusive environment or leave their pets behind. BestyBnB’s capital-efficient and scalable technical platform gives victims an option to protect their pets.

Blockchain Water
Blockchain Water | Elango Thevar,

Blockchain Water is a comprehensive, integrated, real-time water management platform. Using artificial intelligence (AI), specifically machine learning, the platform helps to identify leaks in a city’s water system and predict pipe failures before they happen at a fraction of the current cost.

Calving Technologies
Calving Technologies | Libby Martin,

Calving Technologies aims to decrease calf mortality rates and increase beef cattle producer profits using a collar system for pregnant cows. The system tracks and evaluates biomedical changes that occur in late-gestation cows, generating a real-time birth prediction score.

Clara Biotech
Clara Biotech | James West,

Clara Biotech solves the major bottleneck in next-generation medicine: It is the only platform that can take any biofluid and extract any species of pure, viable, intact exosomes into pure solution through its proprietary, automated, high-throughput platform. Clara Biotech enables tomorrow’s medical breakthroughs today by accelerating exosome technology.

Helix Health
Helix Health | Anurag Patel,

Helix Health is a clinical business intelligence tool that helps health care payers and providers reduce the cost of care while improving health outcomes in chronic care conditions, starting with diabetes. This technology brings real-time analytics into health care workflows.

MatchRite Care
MatchRite Care | Christopher Jones,

MatchRite Care is an integrated EHR software built using Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources standards to allow and promote patient record accessibility. With MatchRite Care, patients can retrieve, store and share medical records from multiple providers, regardless of their providers’ EHR(s).

PawConX, LLC
PawConX LLC | Kwinton Scarbrough,

PawConX puts selecting preferred playmates into a dog’s paws – ultimately enabling dog owners to provide a preferred social experience for their pets. PawConX provides a secure mobile messaging platform that allows pet owners to stay connected with selected dog pack members.

TravelHive | Kim Naramore,

TravelHive is a digital platform that simplifies the entire travel journey through bookmarking and planning tools. Travelers can create a profile, save travel inspirations and research in one place, and seamlessly move saved inspirations into collaborative, visual trip plans.

Community Pitcher

FeedKC | Andrea Savage, Project Leader of the Year 2019

The concept of FeedKC is to match area soup kitchens with high-volume prepared-food distributors that would otherwise throw out food at the end of the day. FeedKC’s recently launched digital platform allows organizations to post leftovers and coordinate with nonprofits to arrange pick-up.


Concept Stage Pitcher

Storm Sleeper

Julia Luetje, Frito-Lay Dreamvention Grand Prize Winner 2018